About Us

Macarthur Holistic Healthcare is a growing natural healthcare clinic in fresh modern premises located within Park Central, Campbelltown.

We are a friendly and professional office and aim to be the clinic of choice for the Macarthur region by providing our clients with the highest level of service and care.

In today’s society many people expect to have a certain level of ill-health and accept this as normal, but it’s not how we’re supposed to be. We don’t need to be experiencing a whole host of health problems, aches and pains, simply because we’ve reached a certain age.

Our approach to healthcare is threefold:

  • Symptomatic care - Treat the symptoms to get the quickest relief
  • Corrective care - Treat the underlying issues that caused the symptoms to develop
  • Wellness care - Maintain good health

A consultation starts with finding out what your health concerns are and what outcome you expect from the treatment.  Our aim is to assist people to make better decisions about their health and then support them with implementation. Our hope is that you will choose health over dis-ease and work with us to achieve and maintain wellness.