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A one-off massage now and again feels great and there’s definitely nothing wrong with choosing to do that, but if you have massages as a treatment for a problem then you are going to need more than one or two. To encourage you to keep to a regular schedule of massage so that you get a better outcome we have Massage Packs and Massage Membership.

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Rosana is an enthusiastic and passionate Brazilian Reiki Master, I have been living in Australia since 2013. After eighteen years as a journalist I decided to follow my life's calling and begin my true path into Reiki healing therapy. In the early 2000's I studied and practiced Reiki in Brazil, but due to my career I could not fully commit. After coming to Australia I obtained my master level in Reiki and since then I’ve been working professionally as a Reiki Master, experiencing the benefits of how this therapy can help people to achieve a better quality of life.


Leisa is a qualified Counsellor with a passion for helping people. It is her belief that at times certain situations, emotions and struggles can take a hold of us, and can sometimes be difficult to resolve. By ignoring or denying our struggles they can escalate, causing further harm. This is where Leisa would like to be involved, to provide a confidential, safe and comfortable relationship to help, guide and encourage you to make changes to take you to an improved state of wellness.