Bronwyn Muzzin

Originally enrolling in Naturecare College in Sydney to study Naturopathy, Bronwyn quickly discovered that she had a strong interest in massage and switched to focusing on completing the Diploma of Remedial Massage. She completed the diploma at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne in 2006, whilst continuing to study naturopathy. 

Bronwyn uses a variety of different modalities within a massage in order to achieve the desired outcome for the client and will tailor the massage accordingly. She loves a challenge and welcomes clients with difficult problems. If she can’t work out immediately what the problem is she will do research and present it to the client at the next appointment.

When it comes to massage, many people believe in ‘no pain, no gain’, but contrary to popular opinion, ‘remedial’ is not another word for ‘torture’. Bronwyn seeks to achieve a good result without too much pain…but sometimes a little pain is necessary. She always seeks to work within the client’s pain tolerance and constantly checks that they are comfortable to continue.

She has a number of long-term clients that have followed her when she has relocated clinics as they have developed a trust and confidence in her ability to treat them. Some of them also use her as their primary health care provider whenever they develop aches and pains.